Mac OS X (Mac Operating System 10 – currently 10.5 “Leopard”) is an Operating System (OS). An OS is software which runs your computer. The most well known OS is Microsoft Windows.

The latest versions of Mac OS are based on Unix, which is the OS Linux was originally derived from, so there are actually some similarities between Mac OS and Ubuntu Linux.

If you are willing/able to splash the cash, then you would probably be pleased with a Mac. These usually cost more than the comparative Windows PC.

What do you get for the extra money? Apple are known for their attention to detail in the design of their products. If you have an iPod, you may have noticed that. From the box an Apple product comes in, to the device itself, the design is important to Apple. I’d describe Apple’s design approach as minimalist.

Once you get used to things being different to Windows, Macs are very easy to use. Most things can be done by drag and drop; for instance to install a program you simply drag the program from the CD or download it came from into the “Applications” folder… that’s it, the program is ready to use.

Most popular programs available for PC are also available for Mac. There are also a number of Open Source and Freeware programs available, so pretty much anything you may want to do with the computer is covered. However there isn’t the plethora of software titles available as for Ubuntu Linux or Windows.

You might like to watch the Apple ads – there used to be UK versions available starring Mitchell and Webb, but they seem to have disappeared, they might be available on YouTube? I’ve also seen versions in Japanese and other languages, not sure if they’re still available.

Apple, of course, have much more to say on the subject of why you might want to spend your money with them ;-):