www.dropbox.com – A friend sent me a link to this.  Dropbox gives you 2GB of storage space free (you can pay for more, or get up to 5GB by referring others), where you can synchronize files.

A folder on your desktop works like all your other folders, but a little (green) icon tells you whether the version in your Dropbox is synchronized.  You can then access that file on any other computer, either in the same way – through a folder – or by logging in using a web browser.

You can also share folders with other people, which makes Dropbox an easy way to share large files with friends and colleagues around the world.

Edit 28/9: If sharing files with others is what really interests you, this post shows you how to share a Dropbox folder.

I’ve heard about similar services before (like SugarSync and drop.io), but not investigated.  This looks pretty good, particularly as it is cross-platform (Windows, Mac and Linux) unlike Ubuntu One, which seems to be similar, but only for Ubuntu.

…by preference I’d probably prefer to use something written by Linux/Ubuntu programmers, but cross-platform support is a real advantage.