I’ve posted before about how using a referral link when signing up, and inviting others, gives you extra space (a bonus 250 MB on sign-up, & for each referral).

I logged into my Dropbox account and moments later a balloon pop-up in my System Tray informed me that I had another 250 MB space.  I hadn’t yet referred another friend, although I was thinking about doing it.  So assuming that Dropbox weren’t giving me extra space just for *thinking* about referring someone, I had a look around my account to find out why I had been given the extra space.

Once you have logged into your account there’s a Recent Events tab.  I clicked on that and the latest message informed me

You became a Dropbox Guru and earned 250MB of bonus space!

I had no idea how I had become a ‘Dropbox Guru’ so I did some digging and found out that if you click on the Getting Started tab, there’s a message at the top:

Welcome to Dropbox. Complete these steps to become a Dropbox guru!

It gives a list of things to do; after you’ve completed each one, you get an extra 250 MB!

I had managed to cross everything off the list without even realizing it!

Edit: If you’re interested in how secure files stored in a Dropbox are see Dropbox Security.