I’ve been looking for a remote desktop support solution that’s inexpensive, and doesn’t need software permanently running on the client’s computer to provide access.

I investigated some of the options and narrowed the choice down to:

Each of these is free, they all have pros and cons for me.

I didn’t install each one, but read others’ reviews and the product websites.  Finally I thought I’d reduce the choice to TeamViewer and CrossLoop, simply because I didn’t want to have to keep spelling out the website address over the phone!

Finally CrossLoop won out (although the first person I used it with did ask me to spell it!), as it appears to be more suited to remote support than having a primary focus of “online meeting” which is the case with some of the others.

You do have to register, giving your name and email address, but other than that it appears pretty simple.  The downside in contrast with Logmein Free is that you can’t access a remote computer without someone being there.  But for remote support, and screen sharing, it looks pretty good.

In my next post about CrossLoop I’ll explain exactly how download, registration and connection is done, and then point clients to it, to help them get connected.