Linux is an Operating System. Microsoft Windows and Mac OS are examples of Operating Systems (software that runs your computer).

  • Unlike Windows and Mac OS though, Linux (I pronounce it Lynn-ucks) is free and has many different “editions”. These are called distributions (distros) and Ubuntu is one of the most popular one of those. There are others, some of which are also very easy to use (Ubuntu, PCLinuxOS and MEPIS Linux are considered the easiest for new users).
  • If you’ve never heard of Linux before you might be surprised to hear that most of the Web servers that “run” the Internet use Linux because it is so stable and reliable.
  • The good thing is that there are more distros around now which are very easy for end users to install and use. There are now even some computers sold with Ubuntu pre-installed!
  • Some Ubuntu links:You can buy CDs of Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Xubuntu from
    • Ubuntu – uses Gnome window manager
    • Kubuntu – Ubuntu + KDE window manager
    • Xubuntu – Ubuntu + Xfce window manager
    • Fluxbuntu – Ubuntu + Fluxbox window manager

This is the official ubuntu website:

Ubuntu is a community developed, linux-based operating system that is perfect for laptops, desktops and servers. It contains all the applications you need – a web browser, presentation, document and spreadsheet software, instant messaging and much more.